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@ MDA: Yays! I just think it's safer to test everything as much as possible. I almost always make a mock up pattern of my costumes out of muslin before I even attempt the real thing. I would much rather mess up cheapo fabric than my real stuff. :P

@ FinalEvangelion:

Weather: Actually yes, Mt. Shasta is the town 30 miles south of me. I can see it out my kitchen window. :P Small world. I actually felt really bad for the ski park this year. They were closed all the way until February because he wasn't snowing at all. I think that's the worst I have ever seen it.

Location: Ha ha I am the embroidery converted! Join the dark side, or something like that. I think embroidery is awesome though and I am sure it will look great on your Gestahl. I am so excited to see you start working on it!!

Photoshoot: Dang, well I just looked it up and it looks like the one in Portland has a fee... It sounds like you would have to rent the garden out... stupid. Although I guess you could write to the garden if you wanted to be sure. If it makes any difference, the San Francisco Japanese Gardens did allow us to wear costumes and external lighting is also allowed. It's only 5-10 dollars to get in too!

Amano Drawing: I think it might be worth a try... I do agree though, we would need all of the main cast. I am sure though and people would love to see the obscure characters that are never cosplayed!! It's something to think about for sure. I would totally be in on it if we had enough people involved. Do you happen to know when they are launching the remake? If at all?

Workout: I agree. I feel like I have a good start, but that I need to step it up a notch pretty soon if I want to see some real results.

Armor: I didn't actually cut darts for anything except the breastplate and even then it came out wrinkly. I usually just mash it into whatever shape I want and worry about the folds after. :P

Goddesses: I will let her know you said so! We have actually been adding onto these designs, so I am hoping the finish product will be even better. Ha ha! Nayru has also been my favorite too. I guess I just like blue too. :P Oh many a job at Nintendo would be so awesome!

Fixes: I agree with wigs... but the nice thing is, if you have extra wefts and cut something too short, you can always add a weft. There really isn't a substitute for just working with them and getting used to them though. I think getting some cheapy wigs and practicing is the best you can do! As for the belts and the fabric tube, I did mean vinyl. I think it would match best. I think you would have to sew it to the belt first and then stuff it. Like those old school vinyl couches.

Parents / Cons: Hmm my family isn't too huge, at least not on my mum's side. My family just lives up and down California actually. :P Hey I would totally be cool with seeing some fun touristy stuff!! I think it would be a lot of fun. We really wanted to go up in the needle too, we checked it out last year and we were surprised by the price, but now that we know, we are prepared for it.

Your Dissidia update: You are correct about the wig. The base wig you turn into a stub, which looks like a Japanese topknot. You glue wefts to a foamcore, hollow out the inside, and it makes the actual ponytail once you attach them together. And yes! I am working on Skyward Zelda. I am so excited!!

@ StabbityBlkMage: What part of Southern California? If I am ever in the area I would be interested in some Dissidia shoots. I only have my Terra costume though, if that's okay.

@ Liliana: I can see it too! Ha ha!

@ Nefer: I loved Minwu so much, it made me sad he was only in the game for a short time. I will do my best to do him justice!! And wow, really, your friend is that big of a fan of my Terra costume?? Wow, tell her thank you and good luck on her own costume. I am usually so surprised when anyone specifically likes mine, there are so many other really talented Terras.

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Kain - Final Fantasy IV
Sorceress Edea - Final Fantasy VIII
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