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Okay, I'm pretty much just starting out on cosplay and cons, but really? What happened to having fun at these events? I may just throw together some costume, but I want to dress up as something you know? I do appreciate the people who put their time and money into their costumes, and I shouldn't be getting butt hurt over this on the internet, but it kinda hurts when people look down on store bought costumes. I'm sorry but I don't know how to sew, and I've been trying desperately to find classes around here who will show me.

I would love to make my own costumes someday, but right now I don't know how since classes aren't availible in my area. Why can't we just appreciate everyone's costume? Store bought or not? I've never had my picture taken before at a con. I mean I'd like to have that experience, but it hasn't happened. Whatever. I just love to dress up as something and go to a con and have fun. Even if I don't get tons of people gushing over my outfit. For the people who work VERY hard on their costumes and don't get much attention, then I say it's their loss. Just don't blame it on the quickly thrown together people.

I bet they're just like me, on a tight budget and not very skilled. Just wanting to dress up and have fun at a con. This forum has opened my eyes however. At first I thought it was just about dressing up as your favorite character and having fun at a con. Now it's just, "Who has the better costume?" -_-
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