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Ugh. First time being involved in a wreck..perfectly explains why I NEVER want to drive. Ever. I know I'll have to, but I really don't want to. I don't know who the hell's bright idea it was to put huge, dangerous pieces of metal and rubber with some of the most flammable other materials together, then put some idiot in it to drive around asking to be hit by other idiots..ugh. I just hate the idea.

Also, why the hell does there have to be a 'one at fault' in a wreck? We didn't pull out quickly enough and none of us glanced over in time to warn the driver, and they were going way too damn fast for driving in the rain, over a hill AND around a curb you can't see past, where a road pulls out. Can't we just act like adults and say it's both our own damn faults and take our punishments for being stupid? -___-;

Thankfully, nobody's hurt that badly..I THINK we're going to the hospital to check out my sister and I and make sure neither of us have a concussion? I hope so..
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