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I noticed two trucks speeding throw a construction zone and not slowing so I didn't go when I got the green. No surprise that the trucks ran the red-failed my drivers test for not going. Appernetly it was my fault they ran the red because I didn't move.

Got screamed a by a cop after running into a curb. I was avoiding a car that made an illegal U-Turn into heavy oncomming traffic. Didn't hit any cars, but the curb (one of the high ones) dented the frame of my car.

I forgot what kind of car, but I know it's a classic car all woud cry over loosing. But my coworker parked LEGALLY and was getting out of the car when a driver smacked into the rear end of the vehicle. It was determined my coworker stop to fast, and the other driver was going to fast. Thankfully he wasn't hurt because he was already out of the car when it happened, but his passanger wasn't so lucky to be out.

Yeah, I have come to determine that seriuosly there is no winning in this country. It's damned if you do or don't. It's one reason I kind of don't miss driving.

I hope you and your sister are fine. That totally sucks getting into wrecks.
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