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Originally Posted by MoradoFlower View Post
I will also be at Otakon so if pickup is available I would love to do that if the outfit is right for my boyfriend!
What are his measurements? The shirt was made for a girl, so I'm not sure if would fit unless you have a skinny boyfriend ^^;

Originally Posted by brilikesmoose View Post
Haha, I'll buy my Karin costume back from you! x'D
Nuuuuuu, I love it too much to part with it. I'd keep Sakura but it's too small for my chest.

Originally Posted by kerstynnlane View Post
can i see a picture of teh last one
I'm working it C:

Originally Posted by Kaycontop View Post
Can i claim first dibs on Sakura pending pictures? Will it fit my measurements of 35-28-34(where i wear pants) and 40 (around my butt). I'll also send this in a PM.
It should definately fit. ^^
My measurements are a lot bigger than yours and it somewhat fits me xD

Updating the first post with pictures right now.
My phones being really difficult about pictures so it may take awhile xD
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