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Playing a game of find me in cosplay pictures from AM2 with the guy who says he's in love with me.::

Carl: i'm just looking for your glasses and yeah not seeing many people wearing any'

Me: why dear carl, must I always be wearing my glasses. I'm gonna hurt ya if you don't get it right soon

Carl: can't be the anko one since the skirt is too dark....

Me: really that's the only reason?

Carl: that and it doesnt look like her ears have plugs in them like yours the face is a different shape

Me: uglier huh :P**

Carl: mhmm

Me: Carl-Kun, there's the dog house, go crawl in it with the tail between your legs

SERIOUSLY and just ealier he said he had a picture of me as his screen saver on his phne. REALLY, think he should really make certian it's me. It's been a decade and a year since he's known me. Wonder what he would have said if I called her fat.
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