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@Seifer -

Weather: That's too bad about the Ski resort, but it sounds like you got a nice view from your house. Do you ski / snowboard? I used to in MT, but it's expensive now.

Gestahl: Once I'm completely done with Cecil, I'll be starting on him. I really want to do my best with makeup to look older for this character, so I don't look like a young Gestahl. I'm excited to get started on it as well.

Photoshoot: That's too bad about their tea garden. You have to rent the park out? That's insane! So they close it to other tourists during that time? San Francisco could work if we went to Fanime early or stayed later.

Amano drawing: Once I get my job situation figured out, then I might try to recruit some people into this project. I guess an FB page and a posting here and if I ever get my arse to making my Deviant Art account more alive would be places to get people into it. As far as the remake, nothing announced yet. I'm just guessing it will be on 3DS someday after FF5 is done. We'll see.

Workout: More dog walking today. Tomorrow, I'll try to get to the elliptical. Or should I say, I will get to the elliptical to have more determination.

Armor: Do you have any problems with having a layer of craft foam underneath the wonderflex and mashing it together. That's the only issue I could see is that the foam doesn't mash together as well. I've been using masking tape to make patterns. For the first piece of the pauldron, I taped a bunch of tape over the styrofoam and then pulled it off and cut darts to flatten it out. Seems to be working so far. I could do that with legs and arms. Maybe painters tape to make it less painful.

Goddesses: Nintendo is a pretty tough place to get in. I'm sure many would love to work there.

Fixes: I remember my days of wearing a Party City wig for Zidane during my early cosplay times. Wigs are definitely an important part of the costume. I need to style the wig now for Zidane sometime (in my profile pic), but I'm worried about messing up since I had to get it in a shop in Reno on a drive from Montana to Fanime.

Parents / Cons: That's cool they all live closer by. My family is in Montana, California, Oklahoma, Texas, and a few other places. And I wouldn't mind going up the needle again. There are eating places (a fancy rotating one and a couple less fancy ones in the observation deck). Also a Starbucks just like Austin Powers Might as well do the touristy stuff once for as many times as you have been here.

Your Dissidia update: Thanks for the info. Do you think that would work for King of En wig? Do you actually sew the foamcore with thick needle and thread to the thing that goes on your head (don't know the term)?

In addition to what Nefer said, several of my friends who played FF6 / Dissidia that I showed the pics from the shoot to after SC also thought your Terra costume was one of the best they have ever seen as well as with Sabin and Edgar. You should definitely be proud of that costume. It's probably as SE would imagine it exactly in real life. Minwu is the white mage from that game, right? I admit, I haven't played it yet.

@Liliana - I have to do the same thing. I don't keep sweets around my house or I'll not fit in any of my costumes anymore. When I eat at Subway, I have a hard time passing up the cookies, though.

@Lil, MDA, and Nefer - Anime North sounds huge. Would I need to get my pass way in advance to guarantee a spot in? How are they in y'all's experience about weapons and such? The little con I went to in Canada this last weekend didn't allow any weapons. So I guess Sunday It's Cecil, then. I'll probably have to drive there if I'm doing that. It's a 2500 mile (4000 km) drive. Didn't realize it was that far. But I would be able to visit one of my hometowns in Montana along the way.

@Nefer - Can't wait to see what Kain will look like when done. Rosa would be cool to bring as well, though.
In Progress:

Pen Pen (Evangelion) - 10%
Duke Pantarei (Tales of Vesperia) - 95% - wig needs restyling.
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Emperor Gestahl (Final Fantasy VI)
Rakushun Rat form (Twelve Kingdoms)
Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
Link Zora Armor (LoZ: Twilight Princess)

Desired, but not confirmed:

Dart Dragoon Form (LoD)
Dark Helmet (Spaceballs)

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