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Originally Posted by Purified Ace View Post
Actually, only one story comes to mind. In my made up, closet cosplay of the Doctor (26th, I believe, long story), I went to a small local sci-fi con. People were wanting me to be in the costume contest, but since I didn't actually make any of my costume, I couldn't. So, I sauntered into the contest room like I owned the place, put my elbows on the judges table, flashed my best charismatic smile, and tossed my psychic paper at them.
"Hello. I'm the guest judge."
They proceeded to pull up a chair and I help them judge the cosplay contest. Pretty cewl.
Can I just applaud you really quick? Because that's pretty fantastic. XD

Since I've only worn my Rose cosplay once to a con so far, I don't really have much. There weren't a lot of Whovians (who am I kidding, there weren't a lot of PEOPLE) at this convention, and so not many people seemed to understand who I was. I did get my picture taken by a girl selling Steampunk jewelry on the last day, and she texted my picture to her friend, who promptly replied with, "OH MY GOD IS THAT THE REAL ROSE TYLER?!?!?!?!" It sort of made my day. XD
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