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I forgot this one when I first posted on this thread. No idea how.

I was at NYCC a few years back. It was Matt Smith's first year as The Doctor so the people who don't follow Doctor Who well didn't know what he looked like. I was doing a somewhat lazy 11. I was FAR from the best one there. Heck I was probably one of the worst. Plus this con had maybe one Amy.

Anyway. I'm wandering around and ended up with a Speaker badge for helping a friend bring her stuff into the artist ally before the con started. When I tried to return it to get my normal badge back she let me keep it since it got me into VIP areas and whatnot. (Apperently for the most part at NYCC the speaker badges are for the celebrities and other professionals. I assume it was just a found badge or something?)

Anyway so I'm wandering the halls with an NYCC speaker badge, dressed as 11. I get stopped for an interview. I'm thinking "Alright. Nothing new here"

So I do the interview and I notice a few odd questions here and there. "What do I think of the Fanbase? Have they been welcoming to me" Which I thought was odd for a cosplayer. But I've fielded my fair share of weird questions from reporters covering cons before. At the end of the interview the person goes. "Thank you for your time, Mr. Smith"

I was floored. Someone who knew enough about Doctor Who to know my costume, interviewed me. . .but somehow mistook me for Matt Smith. I figured it had to be the Speaker Badge, and the fact that he was still pretty new?

But it was just weird. I never cought the name of where the interview was for and never saw a video of it uploaded. If was filmed. I figured his boss saw it and was all "Uh. Yeah. That's not him"
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