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@Seifer-sama: Indeed...The Ultima tome event? I just wanted to get up and shake the tv the 'wake' him up ^^;;; And yup, she is! You're the main cosplayer she mentionned when checking coscom at her place (I was helping her continue her Terra actually for a week before Anime North this year, even though she couldn't come to the con), more than Liliana's Terra lol. She said your embroidery was insane (in a good way lol). Plus, I guess the fact you both have kinda the same body shape helped in the balance x'D, for once a Terra that isn't as flat as a board upstairs (gah sorry every Terra who are, I don't mean it that way!!! O_O ).

@FinalEvangelion: It sounds huge, but it isn't THAT bad really, especially since you're not stuck inside but can actually walk around the hotels and the such, it help a great deal. Plus there are trees outside if it gets too warm ^^ And weapon wise, as long as you have no weapon made of metal you shall be fine, and well that you carry it wisely and not swing your weapon around (but that, I don't think I even needed to mention lol). Even gun replica are alright, they put a flashy plastic strap on it and that's it. For swords and the such they usually try to put one in the color fitting the most your weapon, and actually where you want it, AN weapon check staff are awesome for that compare to other cons that don't care about the color ^^. ...ouch for the driving, that's a LONG drive! ...and i'm trying to resists starting Kain to tell the truth lol, hopefully he will turn out the way I for Rosa, uh.......*shifty eyes at Liliana* *cough* Depends how she turns out and if I don't want to hide behind a rock this february when wearing her I guess ^^; ...I could always bring her for the thursday/friday morning-afternoon...I'll have to see ^^ But Cyrennia will probably bring her pretty Rosa for the sunday

@MDA: ...I believe you can get your pre-reg money back if you send them an email soon enough before the con too, just in case January sounds a lot in advance (the con been in late may), and same for the hotels which you need to book like, a year in advance to have either the Radisson or Double Tree, aka the two closest to the con. .....and uh........ya I did actually xD Well apart from 2005 but that's irrevelant since I only went for a couple of hours the saturday (friend getting sick when 7-8 hours away from home isn't fun -_-; ). So far I had no problem, even with my 6'2 masamune as long as I carried it accordingly and not, well, pointing it straightfoward x'D. This year I can tell that a shield, a sword, a katana-like-sword with a shealth and a wooden claw all passed without any problem (it was bringing all of them there in one shot that was x'D).

...on that...if Reactine pills can actually start working and stop the stupid itching, I can actually go work on some cosplay for Otakuthon (even though I'm not theorically supposed to, but I don't care at that point)...*sigh* Better work soon...*twitch*

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