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My sister called it's been a LONG time since I talked to anyone from my family. Now I am reminded why I dont talk to my family.

My mom is still the fat lazy hypocrite religious woman everyone hates. Sister is still fat and lazy, and only 5'foot barely 3" she now weighs over 300 pounds. To fat to walk a block over to my dads house, which apperently he's been living without electricity. His generator is failing at at most he gets 2 hours of solar panel power. He's a laid off 63 year old steel mill worker that is "to young to retire" and doesn't apply for disability like my mom and sister. Though his stomach has been ripped open by ulcers and he's nearly died many times. Anyway sister found a realitor that wants to buy my dads other house. However, despite my dads whoahs, he will not go for this so easily. The realitor has agreed to let my dad get out what he wants, and pay him some money. He also agreed to pay the legal costs to get my brother out. Who's fault it is that the house probably will go into foreclosure soon. My brother hasn't paid dad rent in YEARS and he's took over th house with his GF and his GFs daughter.
Back to my sister. She's one of those loose woman that has 4 kids by 4 differnt daddies. Her oldest daughter father was never in the picture because he felt he wasn't the daddy, and if she said he was lawsuit. Well now that his daughter is a teenager, daddy is back. Daddy now faces he has a teenage daughter. Jade, the child in situation, has been growing up with her racist big mouthed hateful-in-the-name-of-god grandmother and spent a few years with her child molester step-grandfather. So she has some major mental issues. Well, her daddy now brave enough to face the praternity test has been spoiling Jade. If my sister tries to say anything he threatons a lawsuit. Oh, yeah, this guy has money, he can afford to drag my sister to courts. So now Jade is moving in with him, and since she met her dad she's been dressing like one of those trashy hos and wearing gaudy blue eye shadow with glitter. Since my mom raised Jade I doubt my sister would have to much standing in court. My sister wants to get Jade on brithcontrol before she moves in with daddy, me I told my sister to be ready to be a grandma soon.

AND that is why I rarely talk to my family, and I am royally confused how I turned out so "normal".

Hope your mom does better Bisected, just let her know not to be bothered by thoughts of worrying you. Sounds like you take good care of her like any good child should.
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