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@ MDA: Wow you are much braver than I am. :P I am always so worried of messing something up if I don't have a mock up pattern.

@ FinalEvangelion:

Weather: Yeah I felt really bad for them. I wonder if that's one of the worst years they have ever had. I have only gone skiing actually. I only did once. It was fun though! But like you said, expensive.

Gestahl: I have found some pretty cool makeup tutorials on DeviantArt if you are ever have the time to look. How long do you expect Cecil to take?

Photoshoot: Yeah that is too bad. Maybe I misunderstood their policy. I don't see why we would have to rent out a park just to take a few pictures we won't be making money from. As for the SF one, that's a good idea. We may have to look into that! We will have Keiki ready by then too!

I found these three places just snooping around, not sure on fees or anything but wanted to run them passed you. Also, if we say we are art students dong a school project, do you think they would waive or perhaps lower any fees??

Amano drawing: If you want a Terra and a Sabin, let me know. I would love to be apart of something like this for one of my favorite games. I agree, a FB page, here, and DA would probably be your best publicity. If you had someone who could build a webpage that would be helpful too.

Workout: Did the Yoga yesterday. If I feel up to it, I might do the weight lifting stuff after work.

Armor: You mean the layering foam makes a crease when the wonderflex covers it? I almost always have that problem. But again, I just layer on the gesso to help disguise it. :P I like your idea of darts though. I am sure that would make the wonderflex look less chunky when you finish with it.

Fixes: Wigs are very important and very easy to mess up. I would get some clearance wigs to butcher! I am not sure if you have bought from them before but Arda Wigs has a nice selection of wigs for pretty good prices. Amphigory might have something too. Amphigory's shipping is pretty slow though, so order ahead of time if you do decide to go with them.

Parents / Cons: Wow your family is spread out!! That must be kind of tough. And yes, touristy stuff for sure next time we go there. And I am always up for going somewhere to eat. This last Sakuracon I made sure to hit a few Japanese restaurants while I was in the city. :P

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