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Sorry for the double post, I just got a weird error thing when I tried to post, so here's the continued rest of my post.

FinalEvangelion: Your Dissidia update: For the King of En, yes you will probably have to do an updo wig. Luckily, Kukki-san has an awesome tutorial. Also, I doubt En would need foamcore though, he has a ninja ponytail if I remember correctly. So you will need an under structure to help with the weight of the tail, but overall those are much easier than what I did for Terra. And just fwi, I glued my foam core to my wig, but I am sure you could sew it. Also, if it's too scary for you or Spencer, I might be able to help with the En wig, just let me know.

Here's Kukkii's tutorial:

And thanks for what you said about my FF6 costumes (thank your friends too please). I really appreciate it. It's nice to know hard work has paid off. And yes, Minwu (I always knew him as Mindu) was the white mage from FF2. It will be interesting trying to pull that off. We will see what I can do. I am going to embellish the crap out of that costume!

And just a side note on the Subway cookies comment, I always buy cookies when I eat there!! They are so good!

@ Nefer: I know!! I wanted to keep in him my party!!! And wow, I am honored. Ha ha! Most people are pretty oh what's the word, shocked I guess, that I took the time to embroider it. I didn't mind though. I love Terra. And I had to laugh about the "not as flat as a board upstairs" comment. It's been one of my major worries in a lot of the cosplays I have picked. I know I am much bigger than most of the girls I cosplay, but it's about being characters you love and bringing them to life in your own way rather than looking just like the concept artwork. So I guess long story short, I am glad she is going to still cosplay Terra and that I might have helped with that decision.

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