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@everyone: Hiiii~! I am still alive, I promise! I'm still working on Celes stuff, but it's become apparent that my job won't kick in before then end of the month, when the tickets for AFest go up to 50 bucks, and I'm not paying that much for a ticket... not to mention David wouldn't be able to go with, and he DOES NOT want me driving to Dallas by myself. -rolls eyes- So I'm not going to AFest, and I have NO clue when my next con will be. -pout-

Celes: Everything's coming along, I made the patches for the bodice, and am currently satin stitching them on. -headdesk- It's incredibly slow, and the one patch I managed by machine makes me CRINGE, and I can't pull it out without ruining the bodice. I still need to pattern out the big designs for the front/back detailing, and I can't put the dress bodice and skirt together until the detail work gets done.

Weather: It's been raining off and on since last week. Lots of stormy goodness. It's been rather nice actually... though a bit humid. I'm just glad I don't need any outside work done right now.

Workout: I need in on this. I think the doritos are getting to me, cause I'm getting a bit bigger in the waistline. -headdesk and stares at exercise bike- Anyone know any good ways to tone up the stomach really well?

@Seifer: OF COURSE your Terra is epic! I've been telling you that for ages. I still have a lot of work to do to get that awesome. I look forward to your Skyward Zelda and your goddesses too! ^.^ Are you doing Zelda's normal outfit or the maiden dress?

@Final: Kukkii's tutorial is how I learned to do my updo wigs for Terra. It's very clear and easy to use. It's just the matter of getting the nerve to work with it, which is sometimes harder to do. ^.~ but honestly, It's not that hard. It's just important to take it one step at a time.

@Lil: Sweets are my downfall. -stares at belly- I can't help myself... Which leads to the workouts I need to do.... -pout- Such a vicious cycle.

@everyone else: -waves- I hope things are going well everybody!
Next con: Who knows?
Upcoming projects:

Terra v.3 95%
[Ongoing Project]

Maiden Zelda 15%
(Have the fabric, patterns and ears.)

Opera Celes: 45%
(The base dress is mostly put together. Detailing the bodice and patterning the overlay detail.)
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