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Commissioner Illinafli -ongoing situation

In May I commissioned a wig from Illinafli to be styled like Black Butler's Undertaker. I was quoted $90 and I paid that to her via paypal. The original deal was that I would have the wig by the end of June for AFO on August 3rd.
6/9 She PM'd she had the wig and it would be ready to send out soon.
Near the end of June, I PM'd her and asked if we were still on schedule.
6/25--She says she sent it out last week, but forgot to let me know.
6/26- she says she sent it Canada post, but it may come back to her.
6/27- she says she could not get a tracking # for the shipment.
7/6- I email her that I realize I had not given her my address.
7/6- she answers and says it was not my wig she shipped. And if I get her the address, she will ship it "tomorrow". I PM'd back my address the same night.
7/11- she says the wig is packed and she is putting the label on it "now". This was the last message I received from her as of today, 7/18
7/13- I PM that I will be leaving for Orlando on the 1st, and I do say that if I don't get the wig in time for the con, I will be asking for my money back.
7/18- while I'm online, I see she is too, so I PM and ask for the date she shipped and if there's problem I need to know about. I get no answer and then the indication shows she's no longer online.

I'm 13 days out before I leave for the con and no wig. If things change and I get my wig, I'll update this post

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