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Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post
"You're a nice person. That's sweet that you tried. I really appreciate it. How about this: how about I'll just finish up, and you can go play video games or something. Hush your precious little head, I like you plenty. I'll make you cookies later. When I'm done. Now please go away. And wash your hands before you touch my stuff."

On a completely, mercifully unrelated note, I managed to kill Shadowmere in Skyrim. I managed to kill. An undead. Horse. There's a joke in there but I'm too sad to make it.
Or it ends up like "oh screw the foreplay let's just do it"

I know a glitch where you can shoot horses like a cannon, you just get on one of those dome roofs that dwarven ruins have and dismount the horse at a weird angle on it. Horse goes PEWWWW into the sunset... "Shadowmere has died"
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