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Originally Posted by Nefer View Post
@~~xXEl3KtRaXx~~: .....wait a second there....don't tell me.....oh god...Canada is Palamecia???? Meaning I'm stuck in Palamecia then???? O_O ....unless I'm stuck in the labyrinths...gah, where's Deumion when you need him??? *shakes fist in the air* ...oh, and good luck restarting ffx-2, I'd probably try to kill something if I had to redo the 100 dungeon (whatever the official name was, my brain is apparently boycutting it xD).
Love for Deumion *drools excessively*
hahaha wasn't it something to do with Yvon tower or something...
I can't remember complete mind fart

Originally Posted by Liliana View Post
@El3KtRa: Empy's land!! xDD *laughs*
*GASPS!* OH NOOO..!! All your memory cards?! That's awful! Are you sure you don't have them..? maybe they are kicking around somewhere... Gah, as a hardcore gamer myself, that is just too sad. At least you have all of your FF's though... yay for starting from FF 1 and up again? ^^; You can enjoy those storys all over again! I find when I play a FF for a second or third time, I understand and see more new things that I missed playing them the first time around.
All of them T_T
they could be in another box somewhere in the spare room...
I didn't unpack the games when we moved... I should have though
but luckily I'm moving again in a few weeks so hopefully they'll turn up soon
Haven't gotten up to the point of needing a memory card yet still rocking on the PSP remakes... then I have the DS... then the ps1
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