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Originally Posted by Dark Cherry View Post
I'm looking for some advice to dying a rainbow wig I have a pure white wig and I'm trying to dye it rainbow for a rainbow dash cosplay, should I do each colour separately, as in dye and rinse? Or start with yellow and do them all together...and rinse all at once. My biggest concern is having the other colours bleed into the yellow.~_~
I hope if this was for BronyCon it worked out! I would do them separate and just be very careful. I dyed wefts for a Rainbow Dash using Prismacolors in a similar to this method, and overall it came out well.

Originally Posted by sporatic View Post
Hello I was using this method for dying on a White wig, So far I've used.. two batches consisting of.
1 cup 70% alcohal
4 drops red
4 drops Yellow
The ink we used was "speedball" as I couldn't find any FW around my area.

Now i've run into some problems with the roots of the wig, Right now I'm having a hard time with keeping the dye on the undersides and roots of the wig are there any suggestions?

Also I'm wondering If I should Comb and rinse between dye batches or do that when I've applied all my batches at the end?

I hope I worded this in an understandable way and thanks in Advance!
Rinse between, combing might not matter. The repeated method helps it tint the plastic, and then it can take on a bit more color later. There is a certain point where it won't take on any more. However, it will take a while, from what I remember the last time I did it.

As long as the speedball is alcohol based, it won't matter. I use Prismacolors straight onto a wig when I'm being very lazy about it or for just the tips. lol FW just has a very vast color selection, and is high quality, (very saturated).

Since you're using reds and yellows, even if the skintop (if you have one) dyes, it won't be very noticeable, so just saturate the crap out of those roots! I would also leave it out to dry in the sun for an afternoon or day, (as long as it's not too hot, I don't know the melting point of most wigs offhand...), before you rinse it out. I had success with making a platinum wig a vibrant yellow by doing that in the spring a few years back.

ALSO! Don't be afraid to use more dye than originally suggested in this method. I made a wig the color of the statue of liberty, and had to mix in a lot of various colors to get the exact shade. I ended up with a very inky mixture, but since it wasn't super dark, it didn't make too much difference in how much it took. This just goes to show you can change it up, just don't do anything too drastic without testing it first!
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