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@ Terra~Esper: Aww sorry to hear about your con. That's a real bummer. $50 is a lot for a ticket, especially since usually the ticket pays for little more than the Dealer's hall. Paying money to spend money... hmm...

Celes: Did my suggestion help you at all? I hope if not that you were able to figure something out. Those patches were so lovely I would hate for you to not be able to use them. The one patch that's frustrating you, you can't carefully seam rip it of the bodice?? Even if you poke a few holes, perhaps you can cover that up with another patch??

Weather: Oooh lucky you! I just love rain. It makes everything cool down and it smells so nice!! We only got one day of rain here, but hey, I will take what I can get!

Workout: Yays! Jump in, the more people talking about it, the more motivation there is going around! As for stomach toning, the fitness thread on here has a really good workout plan that I have been trying to follow. There is an ab workout video that is pretty hard, but if you slowly work at it, I am sure you will see results. And don't worry, sweets are my downfall too... I just love them cookies and cakes!!

My Terra: Aww thanks!! I am just self conscious. And I think yours is very cool as well, so don't knock it! :P And I am excited to do SS Zelda. I actually got a bit of the wig worked on yesterday. It's starting to look like something finally. :P Oh and I am doing her normal outfit, with the sailcloth. Did you finished SS by the way??

Kukkii's Tutorial: I know this wasn't directed at me, but I had to comment. It's so true!! it's really about working up the courage to start... It looks scary, but if you just go step by step, it's not so bad. :P

Slight Terra Cosplay Update: I think I need to buy another wig. I don't think I am going to get my foam core ponytail off the old wig without completely destroying it... So I guess that means I might have a green updo wig to sell! Woo!

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