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@ Terra~Esper: Awww! Well maybe you can make a quick day trip and do the Slayers then?? You don't have to have a badge to get in right? Or do you not have time to do Slayers and a Terra contest?

Celes: Oh that's good that the new patches look better. I can understand how the by hand part would be pretty slow going though. Yikes though... I am not sure what else to suggest as far as getting the messed up one off. Is there anyway you can fix it so you don't have to pull it off?

Weather: Sometimes those nice sunny days are the best for photos! But you are right, finding someone to hold the camera is always a chore. I don't have any photographers near me either. I usually just force Eric to help me. :P

Workout: Sticking with it is tough, but I feel that starting it is always more difficult. I think once you start, you want to keep it up. At least, that's how it is for me. I always feel better after a walk/workout... and I want to keep feeling that way.

Zelda: I haven't finished it yet. I am so darn close though!! I just have one heart piece and the final boss to beat! It's really good though. I am enjoying it. I just have trouble with some of the controls. ^^; And thanks! I hope I do a decent job! I will post pictures as soon as I have something worth showing. :P

Tutorial: Hee hee, they are time consuming but I think the more you do, the easier they get. I know Chun-Li was much better than any of my previous wigs. She is soooo comfortable!! And Celes has an updo? Maybe I wasn't looking close enough? I guess I thought her hair was styled similar to Alice... wow if not, I really am oblivious. As for ponytail clips, I have seen some really long ones before. I know Arda has some. where did you get your wig from? And yays for Beatrix and Zelda!! I can't wait to start my Beatrix someday! Which Zelda are you going to do??

Cosplay: Yeah I am selling the base of the Terra wig. I will keep all the accessories. I realized after Fanime that I just can't wear her for too long. She hurts my head because I made the ponytail just a tad too small. I will fix that though with my new one! I also want to do a better job on the bangs to try and make them a little more accurate. I want that cute piece that sticks up t stay up! :P

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