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@Seifer: Mostly it's the fact that Terra and Lina are both hard to get into and require different make up, and it's a huge pain to go from one to the other. I'd need at least an hour and a half to change. -.-;

Celes: The messed up on isn't TOO horrible, it's just off enough to irk me. I'll take a picture once David gets home and post it on FB.

Weather: At least you HAVE someone to help. ^^;;;

Workout: Well, this slight pudge is irritating me, and I know if I don't do this, it'll look horrible when I do all the pretty, slender FF characters I wanna do. -stares at Rydia, Rosa, and Terra- I'm gonna go get a pullup bar today and we'll see how it goes. Edit: Lots of stretching, then 4 sets of 30 crunches and a 20 min interval workout on my stationary bike. I'm pooped! -.-;;;; -tired-

Zelda: Completionist much? lol I had to have David help with the boss run to get the Hylian Shield. It just didn't look right without it. ^^;; You're going to love the ending though. I can't wait to see pics!

Tutorial: You should be proud of Chun-Li. ^.^ I WISH I had something come out that well. ^^;; Celes's opera outfit has her hair up in a high ponytail. Not complicated, but considering I wanted a break from them, highly irritating. And finding a base wig I can work with and a long and thick enough extension in a color I like is a daunting task. -sigh- I'm probably going to have to foamcore this too, but finding matching fiber is a pain too! -headdesk- As for my Zelda, I'm doing maiden Zelda from A Link to the Past. Nice, simple, and easy to wear. ^.^ And I didn't want to have to embroider a tabard yet.

Cosplay: I loved your Terra wig. But I can understand lack of comfort, but updo wigs kinda hurt after a while no matter what you do, just from the sheer number of pins you've gotta stab into your head. -.-;; I kinda wish I had the moneys to buy your wig, but my job hasn't started yet. ^^;;;
Next con: Who knows?
Upcoming projects:

Terra v.3 95%
[Ongoing Project]

Maiden Zelda 15%
(Have the fabric, patterns and ears.)

Opera Celes: 45%
(The base dress is mostly put together. Detailing the bodice and patterning the overlay detail.)

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