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Either $255 (that's way more than I thought it was ) or $385 if you count all the unusable things I bought.

Purchased partial used cosplay from Marketplace for $55. It was too small and low quality.
Bought fabric to remake it for $65. (Made my costume I have now.)
Pants from some store for $15. They were on clearance so that was lucky.
First wig $45. It was too small. (I already styled it so couldn't return it.)
Second wig $30 (also too small). I had to ship it back and never got refunded.
Third wig $60. This was an Arda wig and it's the one I'm using now.
Boots $100. Would have been $10 cheaper if I didn't need them in a hurry.
Prop $15. Laminated card weapons. Easier than I thought they'd be.

I only wanted to spend about $160. You did a lot better than I did.
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