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...Okay, this is wierd and I'm worried that I'm gonna sound like some kind of stalker or something now. XDD;;; Basically, I know of you from the UK con scene (in fact, I think I may have sold you some keychains once? Was that you? Sorry if it wasn't, my memory is awful!)and I recently added you on Cure....and tonight I decided to come to the Japan section of these forums to ask about Comiket and here you are! (I swear I'm not a wierdo! Strange coincidences seem to be occuring a lot to me lately.)
My friend and I are actually in Kyoto for that weekend but as Saturday 11th is my birthday we thought it'd be made really memorable if we attempted the long journey to Tokyo for Comiket. It's not set in stone yet since I realise it could be a VERY early start time/long trek, also I'm not sure that my friend is as up for it as I am but...if I DO go, I'll be taking Ivan Karelin from Tiger & Bunny. Figured it would be a pretty good way of playing the 'foreigner' card. XD
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