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Well, Fan Expo has raised it's prices at a time where no one wants to pay exuberant amounts of money, which sucks. They could easily charge less and still make oodles of money. But then there's the point people have said that Fan Expo is run by a company, that's they're biggest flaw right there. People look at AN and say "wow awesome" why? Because its all fan run. Fan Expo is run every year because it makes money, that's the only reason is runs (in my opinion).

I myself am going this year, and I feel really ripped off having to pay essentially $100 for a weekend pass that I don't even want to buy, but because a Saturday pass is $45, what is the point of paying half the "deluxe" admission for 1 day. It's ridiculous, but I go because I love their masquerade, and I like the dealers room, and show like-minded fans my costumes. So, I once again get sucked into the vortex of "pay lots" and "be herded like cattle" all because "they can." Sorry this is so long, but ya, this is why I think Fan Expo doesn't have much hype anymore.
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