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Modern Casual Zelda Cosplays

So my friends and I had this idea that doing some modern casual Zelda cosplay outfits. Kind of bringing Zelda out of the "medieval" time period and into modern times. This is just our thought right now and we don't really have outfit ideas for any characters except for Sheik since I'm a Sheik-a-holic.
So my idea for Sheik is tight fitting black jeans, a form fitting t-shirt, a cream colored knit scarf with the Sheikah symbol on it, a cream colored knit hat, and converse like sneakers. I'd keep Sheik's hair style more or less the same. For jacket my friend suggested a black leather jacket or a peacoat. By the way yes I do treat Sheik as a male character.

What are your thoughts on this kind of thing and what are your thoughts on what any given character would wear? I want this to be fun for everyone and seriously no one can possibly be "wrong" or "right" since there are no canon designs for this. ^-^

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