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Name of Product: Long Weft - Titanium Blonde (AR017)

Where Purchased: Arda Wigs

Product Description: This Blonde is a Very Bleached Blonde Color. A color between Silver 063 & Ash Blonde 062. Blended and Heat Resistant.
Long wefts! Long wefts everywhere!
These wefts are nothing but a 5 foot long string of sewn fiber.
The length of the hair is 90cm. WOW! WHAT A DEAL!
These weigh a ton. No lie.

Pros: The perfect color for Yami Marik/Marik or anyone that has a very faint blonde tint to their hair. The wefts are nice and smooth.

Cons: The wefts tangle really easily. It was rather difficult for me to separate the wefts to work with them. =/ They are actually just in a ball now in the bag I got them in.

Overall rating; 7/10
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