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Originally Posted by ztype01 View Post
I was Fuzukigami for day 2 and day 3. I'll see if i decide to do it again next year
Hope to see your Fuzukigami in AX2013! I totally missed out on seeing it this year. ;.;

Originally Posted by Ki0 View Post
Aside from tea, what else do you think would be appropriate to bring? Please let me know if there's anything I can bring! I don't want you to feel like you have to prepare everything! I know it's still a long time from now but I will be sure to let you know what I can think of and bring come next summer before AX :]
Thanks so much for helping! Anything you can bring would be appreciated. I'm expecting this to be a light picnic, so nothing has to be so big. Maybe cookies and crackers? I'm actually more concerned about how the picnic scene will look in the photoshoot, so even prop food is good.

Originally Posted by kazumas View Post
I won't get into trouble! My sis loves NY too so she's very supportive of this gathering. xD
But yeah, if I do take the metro next year again, then I probably don't want to carry so many things. ; w;
Of course, I don't want you to carry too much. (I did that this year, and it was not fun. x_x; ) But we have a whole year to figure out what we can and can't do, not to mention ideas for what to bring.

If anyone has more ideas, for both food/drinks to bring, photo poses, or party ideas, please feel free to post! ^o^
Also, I bought a sake set today, so we can pose with those, while actually drinking tea or soda. ^_~
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