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Originally Posted by animekrazy123 View Post
love this series and have a plush of nyanko-sensei i got this year. I told myself I'd have to cosplay Natsume if I bought it and now that I've seen this gathering, I MUST JOIN!
*hypnotic voice* Yesss, you must join our gathering~! *.* /end silly voice ^_~

Can't wait to see you and your Nyanko-sensei plushie next year! I think we're all bringing a Sensei plushie. ^_^ The pile of them will make a great shot!...with a very happy Taki cosplayer (if we get one)! ^o^

When you decide which cosplay you're going to do (or are considering), I'll add you to the list. Or are you planning a Takashi Natsume cosplay?
Bringing snack food or drinks is also optional.
Thanks for joining! ^u^
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