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Originally Posted by Jabberwack View Post
-I am aware there are laws and stuff against using a blind person cane if you are not, in fact, blind. Can anyone think of anything to add to a blind cane to make it look less...official? (Hard to look official when your skin is grey and wearing orange horns...)
There's a difference between "using" a white cane and having one. For example, the white cane law for washington state says:
Unauthorized use of white cane, dog guide, or service animal.
It shall be unlawful for any pedestrian who is not totally or partially blind to use a white cane or any pedestrian who is not totally or partially blind or is not hearing impaired to use a dog guide or any pedestrian who is not otherwise physically disabled to use a service animal in any of the places, accommodations, or conveyances listed in RCW 70.84.010 for the purpose of securing the rights and privileges accorded by the chapter to totally or partially blind, hearing impaired, or otherwise physically disabled people.
You should check the white cane law in your state/in the state your convention will be held in (google "white cane law" and the name of your state) BUT as long as you don't use the cane like someone who was legitimately handicapped would (holding it out in front of you etc), you aren't breaking the law. Just hold your cane like a stick or a staff or something unless you're having your photo taken and you should be fine.

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I was talking with my friend about doing an orginal Homestuck cosplay and she suggested something along the lines of steampunk. I sketched up some designs for my Vriska(mainly god tier with aspects of her FLARP outfit) and her Aradia(mainly robo with aspects of her god tier) and they are looking really awsome right now. If we are ever serious about cosplay this then I think I will try and drag my other friend(Eridan) into our little group aswell.

I might post the designs later once I clean them up and color them.
this sounds really really cool
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