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2012 Harry Potter panel

this year Afest has graciously allowed us to have a Harry Potter Q & A panel and while we have a pretty full cast, we're missing those key few who we're sure will make the cast complete. Below I have a short list of who we need and then list a few short rules of submission for those interested.

Luna Lovegood - ________
Albus Dumbledore - _______
Minerva McGonagall - ________
Lord Voldemort - _______
Nymphadora Tonks - _______
Sirius Black - _______

also all of us live in the DFW area so hopefully you live close enough by that you can meet with us before the con starts.

Anyway thank you for your time and if you happen to know anyone else that might be interested please do send them our way.

now Here's everything you'll need to fill out and where to send it.

Name: Just your first name is fine or whatever you'd rather be called
Age: we are too picky on the age but we'd prefer everyone in the panel be over the age of 16.
Name of the character:
How long you've cosplayed this character:
at least three known facts about who you're playing: anything is fine we just need to know you know your stuff:
and if you'd really like to prove your stuff list a couple of head canons you have about the character:

and you'll need to send all of this either to me on my FB account : Severa Snape or if you don't have a facebook just message me here on I really prefer if you send everything to me through FB as it's easier for me to take care of everything that way)
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