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Happy Birthday to Uzumaki Naruto!!!

We are a NARUTO cosplay group From China.
10/10 is Uzumaki Naruto's birthday,we did cosplay photoshot and videos for happy birthday to Naruto last year(2011).
We want to do it again this year(2012).So we need more NARUTO cosplayers.
And please only send us your Uzumaki Naruto cosplay pics/video!!!
U can cos as Uzumaki Naruto in female.ver,male.ver,school.ver,whatever!
But please send a anime pic with your Naruto cosplay pics/videos,because we need to know which ver u are cosplaying!
Do not do something like this:wearing a yellow wig and take a pic to tell us u r cosplaying as Naruto=-=we don't think it's really cosplay!
If u really love Naruto,u can do high quality cosplay!

pay attention!
Send ur cosplay pics/videos with anime pics!
Give us ur pics/videos which shot by SLR cameras![NO CELLPHONE/Digital camera pics!]
Because we want high quality cosplay!
Please only send your Naruto positive pics to us!(Not at a con or self timer pics!)
Send us your pics before 10/1/2012!
If u can do edit pics/videos by yourselves,do it yourselves,or we will do it for u!
Write ur info(what's ur cosplay names,where u from) in TXT and send pics/videos to us.
Put pics/videos/TXT in RAR to us!!!
Send pics/txts/videos to here:1216835009@QQ.COM
I don't know English very well,but hope u guys understand me!

Here is is 2 examples that we did last year(2011)
Cosplay video link:

COSPLAY pic link:

How to contact me:
My Yang)
My paypal
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