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I'm adding three from the current seasons.

Rinne no Lagrange ~ It's really hard to to describe what this shows about as it covers for many fan bases but "Epic" is starting to creep into my thoughts about it.
Hyouk ~ another feel good series but it's incurable funny at parts and wonderfully animated.
Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu ~ just watch the first episode.

Steins;Gate I'm watching now.

Magi I wanted to read but I think I'll be watching the show instead.

FanExpo '17
Effie Trinket or Darling Charming - Ever After High

Anime North '18
Steven Universe ?
Sakizou Ms. Anniversary

Future cosplays/cons:
Lagertha - Vikings, Steampunk - Bride

For Sale
cosplay items, wigs, and materails for sale.
Arda & Shop.cosplay wig fiber swatch comparisons & Cosplay props tutorials and Makeup reviews!

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