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willing to pay more...

Originally Posted by mrgetalife View Post
If you can find a Closeout Canon ELPH 300 HS. Its a decent sleeper camera where it somehow got some higher spec parts in it. Its replacement was cheapened so it wouldn't compete with their more expensive models. The ELPH 100/110 HS probally will be OK still.

I'm not sure how they will actually perform but with your price tag they are kind of your only choices.
i am willing to raise my price tag to like 300 - 500 atleast if i can be sure of performance, quality (especially taking images of "lights at night"), and battery life problem is every camera i fing has conflicting reviews half say great half say piece of junk i don't know who to believe or what and i feel if i can't find a review i can trust my brain will explode
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