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I was Luka in her normal outfit but booty shorts instead of the skirt.I was also with a miku(normal ourfit) that i took almost every photo with.Did you take our photo?
My friend was Ciel in his outfit from the cover of the 6th volume,and with her was an alois.Did you take their photo?Thank you~
Im in a cosplay group named PandaCrunchPro^^
Check out my dA! ForeverOtaku @ dA

Costumes to Debut this Year
Grell Sutcliff(Regular) 100%~Black Butler
Mami Tomoe(Madoka Magica)100%
Shizuo Heiwajea(Durarara(75%)
Dave Strider(Homestuck)60%
England (Hetalia) 10%

Cons this Year I will be Attending:
Akon 24
Anime Fest '13
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