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Originally Posted by Devkyu View Post
How to get rid of them largely depends on what is causing them and your skin type. Sometimes stress or a change in diet or exercise can cause a break-out like that. Most products don't do much for me, or if they work, they are so harsh and irritating I just don't want to go through with them.

However, I had a friend recommend two things from LUSH for me and I was really surprised it actually worked. Check and see if there's a store where you live, because they will give you free samples.

1. First, use an exfoliant or scrub. I prefer Dark Angels, but there's a few other ones depending on your skin type. DA has charcoal in it which is nice at absorbing oils that can cause a lot of breakouts.

2. Grease Lightning: Seriously, just a dab of it on after you've washed the area and a lot of the acne problems just go away. It took about three days for mine to seriously diminish. As long as I keep up with exfoliating and putting a dab of it on over the area, I have next to no breakouts, and ones that do pop up disappear before they turn into face-volcanoes.

Also, best thing about this stuff is it doesn't burn. At all. Also it doesn't have enough alcohol in it to clear my sinuses out when I use it.
I have heard of LUSH products before when I was looking for a dry shampoo sadly didn't purchase any. But I think I will give it a try!
I wont be able to get it till I return to Canada in September but that might just work! =D

Thank you so much! =3


Does anyone know any good products that I can purchase here in Japan =3

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