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Iwiwal: I would love to hang out in Comiket if you're going (Please do Barnaby so I can do Ouroboros!Tiger XD maybe just wear the jacket for photos?) How much is TFT? I didn't know you have to pay oAo! Do you have a Facebook/skype so I could contact you (I'm never on here orz ;A

Hi Sarmander!! Not at all XDD It is me ahaha~ Oh I'll get you a birthday present then ahaha~ What a coincidence XDD!!
If you want to save you a long trek back at night, you can try to sleep in my hotel room for the night? (Your friend as well xD Not at all creepy) It would be amazing if you could do Ivan XD! Maybe If Iwiwal can join as Barnaby then we can have some sort of a group ahaha~ Playing the foreigner card XD

moonlit-sky: I want to go to TFT for at least day, so maybe the Sunday then ^^ I can't find any information about it so it would be nice if we could talk on facebook ^^ My facebook url is /Cos.Kittz ^^
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