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Lightbulb Cush Pillow Lekku

I have been thinking about this very thing for a few days now, and decided that I would like to try and make the lekku headpiece with that fabric they used to make those "cush" pillows we grew up with. The squishy, cozy ones with the foam in them? But I haven't figured out where to buy the material.
I want to do Vette from the Old Republic, so I'm working through to match colors in my head with paint, fabric, body paint etc....
One of the best ways to create this kind of lekku would be to cut out the dimensions so they are only stitched up one side, and then stitch them while it is inside out, and as you stuff your lekku, do it slowly, while pushing the fabric right-side-in so you don't have too many bulges or gaps not properly stuffed.
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