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The catalog should be out, but I'm not in Japan right now. "Girl's day" is typically the first day though. Apparently the new CD-Rom version is really nice. Seems it has a circle search feature that makes life easier.

Tokyo Fashion Town: Tonaride Cosplay
TFT is right across the street from Comiket so it's very easy to do both in one day, especially Sunday. The events are quite different from one another. Comiket is a doujinshi market that also has cosplay while TFT is a cosplay only event. So very different environments/experiences.

TFT is held on the same dates as Comiket. Well, actually TFT has cosplay events all the time, but the biggest events are the "Next to Comiket cosplay" days.

Cosplayer entry fee: Y2,000. Non-cosplayer (cameraman) entry fee: Y2,500
10 Aug: 11:00~20:00
11 Aug: 10:00~20:00
12 Aug: 10:00~19:00
World Cosplay

Event Calendar:
Summer Comiket 90: Tokyo, Japan
Military Odyssey: Detling, England

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