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Convention pictures, critique please

I'm not exactly satisfied with the number of nice pictures that come from this convention. It used to be located in a huge convention center with good lighting and areas to explore for photo shoots. But since it was in construction, the convention changed placed wasn't very nice.

There were only one floor, you enter the convention place you see some light hanging from above and concrete floors, that's the hall for rave. There was a room for artists and dealers, then rooms for panels, and that's it. There isn't a less crowded hallway that cosplayers can pose.

In the dark hall, I could have used flash, but I'm never comfortable with the idea of using a flash. I'm still new at it, but as a cosplayer, whenever I'm being flashed at, my make-up look very fake (example here). I'm not sure if that's always the case, please tell me more about it!

I invited a cosplayer to take a few pictures outside, but that didn't turn out to be a great idea. It was hot out, and the sunlight was right above the head, the picture turned out to be blurry (which I don't understand why), and the cosplayer had to squint. Generally, the picture was over exposed, and changing aperture didn't make it much better.

Picture of her inside

Pictures of her outside

I felt very sorry to her.
A picture of a cosplayer I took in the convention center. The original picture was too dark, and I edited it.

It turned out fine, but I don't see anything special from it, which made me very upset. As a photographer I didn't do much rather than press the shutter and release it, which anyone could have done. The only reason that the picture was nice was because she was a good cosplayer. I tried to pose her, but with a dress like that, I couldn't have her sit on the groud, and the area was just too crouded, we were blocking other people. Now thinking back, I probably should have asked her to take a few more pictures later.
I think this picture is my favorite picture from convention because of the lighting above their head, though the other cosplayer's face was under the shadow. I could have used a reflector (if I had one), but I kind of like it with her face darkened. The cosplayer probably doesn't like it that way.

I used the flash for this picture

As you can tell, the flash really made her make-up shown, but not too bad. I really liked her eyes in this picture.
Another thing that I didn't like a lot about this con is that no one scheduled photo shoot with me prior to the convention. There wasn't any other photographer available for photo shoots either. So all of the pictures I got, I stopped cosplayers passing by and asked for pictures. Worrying that I might have held them back, I didn't really ask them to take off the badges or other belongings they had on themselves. So seeing the things that don't belong in the picture made me upset too.

These two cosplayers were very good, and I hope I had asked them for extra pictures, rather than being one in a crowd taking pictures. Although, I don't feel comfortable to pose them sitting on concrete floor in the middle of crowded hallway ;/
I don't see anything wrong with this picture, but I wonder if there was anyway to improve it, composition-wise?

Thank you all who took time to read this long thread. You don't have to critique on every picture, I appreciate any comments you make ;D
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