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Aha, wow, I'm so new at this whole forum thing! And the whole cosplay thing, in general... I literally just made this account (oh my god, super cool, look how many cosplayers are in Pennsylvania!!!! ZO MAI GOODNESS) and I'm still putting together my first cosplay, aka, it's not finished, and since I'm lazy, it might take another month / two months / month and a half / whenever, And it's RIN! And I've been looking for maybe a kind of starter group sort of thing? Guidance from my fellow elder Pennsylvanians? :O Gaspities!

So would I still add myself to this awesome map-y thingie? Or do you need to be an in-progress cosplayer? And I've never been to a convention due to my fear of being alone , though I've been contemplating going to one for like, a year. Lol, way to act, amiright? (By the way, I don't exactly what a quick reply is, so I don't know if I'm even putting this in the right spot. whoops derp.)
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