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Name: Tyra
Age: >///_///< Not my favorite question... 27
Gender: Female
City/County: Melbourne/Brevard
Current Cosplays: Luka Megurine (My absolute favorite female Vocaloid! <3) Matryoshka, Secret Police, Toeto, Project Diva 2nd Geisha/Kimono Magnet version (Vocaloid), Dead Master (Black Rock Shooter), Cecile Croomy (Code Geass), Shizuka Marikawa (HoTD), Gumi Mozaik Role, Matryoshka, Secret Police (Vocaloid), KAITO default (Vocaloid), Bella sister blue version (Resident Evil 4)
Planned Cosplays: Luka Megurine default, Love is War, Project Diva Fraulein version, Senbonzakura, Alice in Musicland, Mr. Alice, The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka, GAAAAAHH and soooo many more~ <333 (Vocaloid), Seaking Gijinka (Pokemon), Suicune Gijinka (Pokemon), Shaymin Gijinka (Pokemon) Officer Jenny (Pokemon), Yuuko Ichihara (xxxHolic) ANYTHING by CLAMP!~ Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.), Female Protoman (Megaman), Maid & Kimono based cosplay, and many many more~
Past Conventions/Meet-ups: I used to work at an anime store, so I've been to a lot. However, I just recently started cosplaying a few years ago.
Future Conventions/Meet-ups: AFO '12 (Sunday only) AWA '12, Holiday Matsuri '12, MegaCon '13, Florida Anime Experience '13, MetroCon '13, etc. REALLY want to go to Otakon next year!
Looking for: Vocaloid Cosplayers, Pokemon Gijinka Cosplayers, BRS Cosplayers, Code Geass Cosplayers, CLAMP Cosplayers. Looking for a new Cosplay group. Mine fell apart.
Extra: I love drawing and designing. I'm looking for new friends that love cosplay as much as I do. Thank you!~ ^ u ^
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