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Originally Posted by Yukora-Chan View Post
I think this should be called the 'Who didn't go to SMASH' thread. I had a really great time! I found out recently someone had posted my picture on DA I was soooo happy! I think the major highlights were:

-Being Fanserviced by IV
-Meeting a chirpy Italy who was my age
-Seeing my friends and glomping two because they were really important.
-Belting out one of the Yugioh Abridged BBT movie songs.
I guess I should've called it that.... but this title attracts more people to read it... anyway I wanted to find out how it was...

A chirpy Ita-chan ve~!!! Well anyway I'm glad you had fun~!! VE~!!

Originally Posted by CorporatePuppet View Post
it sucks that cosplayconnor and Su-san couldn't go...maybe next year^^

It was a awesome day for me, I was soooo happy~
my highlight of the day would have to of been taking a photo of a Italy cospalyer and having a Near cosplayer ask for a pic of me (since I'm a Mello supporter)

yet the down fall was that my wand slowly began to crumble away during the day and I had to pull my unevenly cut skirt down all the time.

I probably am gonna go to Animania but has anyone looked at the ticket it me or has Animania gone up with there prices? -,-
Well It was decided by my parents just today that I will be attending Supanova, SMASH and Animania next year.... but that may be cancelled... as I may move to England... but anyway....

Originally Posted by Miss-Kagamine View Post
It was fun, i got a few photo's taken but none have been posted of me.
I was the Canada, with the Beige fur coat and the black ski goggles with the white bear.
I look forward to next year when i am making my cosplay (i made part of mine this year) and going in the cosplay comp.

ah about Animania, yeah the ticket prices will probably go up. i think that if mini was cost $23 pre reg then pre reg for main will probably be $33. i honestly wish it was better and if i wasn't doing my HSC i would go.
That much?! For Animania?! *faints* Well.... I don't think I'll be able to buy the nendoroid I wanted if it's that much.... oh well....

Ve~!! I think I saw a picture of you.. I must try and find it again ve~!




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