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Originally Posted by errido View Post

Pictures of her outside

Another thing that I didn't like a lot about this con is that no one scheduled photo shoot with me prior to the convention. There wasn't any other photographer available for photo shoots either. So all of the pictures I got, I stopped cosplayers passing by and asked for pictures. Worrying that I might have held them back, I didn't really ask them to take off the badges or other belongings they had on themselves. So seeing the things that don't belong in the picture made me upset too.

These two cosplayers were very good, and I hope I had asked them for extra pictures, rather than being one in a crowd taking pictures. Although, I don't feel comfortable to pose them sitting on concrete floor in the middle of crowded hallway ;/
One thing you might try in the future with this kind of outside shot is to position the cosplayer in the shade right before the area becomes unshaded (direct sunlight). This way the concrete can act as a natural reflector, the cosplayer is not squinting, and there isn't a hard direct light on her and the wall will act as a clean background.

I think if you find cosplayers in the hall and want to get good shots, communication is the key. I ask if they want to take off their badge or I ask them if they don't mind sitting down somewhere or moving to a better location. The worst they can say is "no". I think they want good pictures too, so by asking those questions then you show you care and want to get a good shot. The other option is to stake out place with decent lighting and just out of the way of the major traffic zones. That way you have a good place to shoot and all you have to do is ask a cosplayer walking by if they wouldn't mind taking a few extra steps to get a good shot. You might get fewer shots, but you'll probably be happier with them since you can be more in control. You set take practice shots to figure out what exposure is best for that area so you'll have a better chance of getting the shot you want and shooting faster.

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