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Originally Posted by PromisedCall View Post
I know this is super ahead of time, but I'm looking for legit cosplayers who would be willing to do an Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ cosplay group for metrocon 2013.

I'm planning on doing Rin Kagamine, and I have already ordered the feathers to make my wings (I am not a procrastinator d: )

I am hoping to enter the cosplay contest with /at least/ a Miku, but a Len would be super cool too. :3
Comment away if you're interested ~~
Hi there! I'm a big fan of Vocaloids and have been planning on cosplaying as Miku for sometime now, and It would be lots of fun to have a group! I pride myself on putting so much love, sweat and tears into my cosplays to make them look as good as possible! I have a good amount of sewing skills and making her fluffy gown would be lots of fun! So if you're still looking for a Miku I would be happy to oblige! Oh by the way my name is Justina, at your service! ^^
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