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BBC Sherlock at A-Fest 2012

Since there seemed to be a fair amount of interest in a Sherlock photoshoot at A-Kon this past year, I decided that maybe we should organize an actual, planned photoshoot for A-Fest since some people couldn't participate in the impromptu photoshoot that was put together at A-Kon.

For now, the sketchy plan is to meet up at the Cancer Survivor Plaza and find some shots from there. Not sure of what day or what time yet, but that will be decided once the con gets a bit closer. I'll try to make it so that it doesn't interfere with the SuperWhoLockLin shoot, so people can go to both if they want.

Come with ideas for pictures/poses you want, because my friend Erica (ericalw) will be there with her high-quality camera and will be able to get some beautiful photos of our costumes!

This shoot will be at 2pm on Saturday on the second floor of the "Artist Alley" area, somewhere out of the way. We might move around from there. The latest we'll go is 5:30 so that people can go to the SuperWhoLockLin meetup at 6 if they want to.
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