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Originally Posted by Amishanda View Post
I might bring Asami for one or more of the evenings if I feel like cosplaying after a long day in my main costumes.'re making me want to make Korra now.
Upcoming cons and cosplays:

Anime North 2015
Friday: Sango (Demon Slayer Armor)
Saturday: Erza Scarlet (Heaven's Wheel Armor)
Sunday: Guy Cecil

Montreal Comiccon 2015
Friday: Hilda (Pokemon Black&White)
Saturday: Ryuko Matoi

Otakuthon 2015
Friday: Yoko Littner
Saturday: Erza Scarlet (7 Years Later Armor)
Sunday: Zelos Wilder

Unplugged Expo
Saturday: Kurapika (York New Arc)
Sunday: Killua Zoldyck (Heaven's Arena Arc)
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