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Siggy 'bane' The Cosplaying Dog

A TON of people took my Cosplaying Service Dog's picture over the past thee days of Otakon 2012!
He was a Large male Doberman (the onl dog at Otakon in costume) suited up in Black leather muzzle, spiked harness, and steel control collar. He was portrayin Bane, from Dark Knight Rises.
I was cosplaying as Modern Zatanna the first day, then I was casually dressed the next two days.
If you have taken Siggy's photo, I would LOVE to have it. I am collecting as many as possible.
Please share them with me here and at any of these links! (A fanpage created because many people asked for a Siggy fanpage on Facebook!)
Siggy posing with Lady Loki by the fountains. Photo credits to me.
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