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Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
Finally got a 3DS, and Kid Icarus: Uprising. (I was thinking of waiting for the XL, but since it doesn't have a 2nd analog built in, there goes my interest.) Great game, I'm close to the end already, but... if anyone else has the game, have they noticed their left trigger creaking/squeaking due to the game's heavy demand for its usage? (It doesn't seem to affect the gameplay, it's just... noisy.)
I gotta say - even though I don't even use the 3D, I'm kind of impressed with the 3DS. It just feels better than my regular DS. I haven't played it enough to be more articulate about it than that. Don't know if I will get my own at this point or just continue to mooch off of my son. Definitely getting a Vita for AC:Liberation though.

Meanwhile, I've been playing Final Fantasy XIII - Chapter 11: The Game for weeks because:

1. I want to do the side missions but suspect that once I finish the game I won't go back.
2. I refuse to just flat out grind.
3. I refuse to upgrade Lightning's Weapon because I am too cheap to buy the one I want when I know that I can pick it up for free in Chapter 12 and I am too cheap to upgrade two weapons for her.
4. I have a strong, you're-not-the-boss-of-me reflex. "You think this is too hard for me? You think I'm afraid of a challenge? Just watch me."

So I'm usually fighting way above my pay grade and it takes me forever. Totally my own fault.
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