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Hello all!

So i have decided to start working on a young Bilbo Baggins (The hobbit version) for the upcoming premiere and perhaps for New York comic con if i can get it ready in time. I know so far that i plan on getting the ears from aradani, and right now i may look into getting a wig. my hair as seen here is a dirty blonde color. I might be able to use my natural hair is i can curl/wave it a bit. But i am most likely getting a wig.
Soon i am going thrift store shopping and seeing what i can find for the actual costume.

Does anyone have any good sites that i can use for reference towards my costume?
Like for the hobbit feet. I was thinking of using hair trimmings (easy if i obtain a wig) and using spirit gum to apply? I don't know if there is a proper way to do that.


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