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I didn't get to go to any of the photoshoots cause of random things happening each day that prevented it and it was my first time in the complete costume as well as at the convention so I had no idea where things were, with no group, super nervous and unconfident =( but going through other people's pictures there weren't many Hancocks there and I didn't see any in her standard red outfit which was the only thing I really wanted to take a picture with. I was the genderbend Hancock in the red on Saturday.

Not a lot of people asked to take a picture. It was a lot less popular than I imagined and I thought I did a good job. =(

If you saw a Hancock sitting around it was likely me cause the earrings were so heavy every time I moved it hurt in addition to the pain of just wearing them. I just got my ears pierced two days before for it (bad idea) and never wore earrings before so it wasn't something I was used to.
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